Why Discovery is Important

They say the ability to see patterns is a sign of intelligence.  We assume BI and other information visualization solutions provide some level of intelligence or insight.  But should we expect these applications to figure out the patterns within their myriad of data sources on their own? 

These applications are often times limited by the data that is delivered to them.  So what if we could provide these intelligent solutions that are supposed to uncover useful insight, even more insightful data to begin with.

What If We Could?

  • What if we can give these applications a boost by revealing valuable relationships among sources data so they could be surfaced in a BI tool or Dashboard?
  • What if we could help data modelers and developers better understand the data so they could accelerate development of these valuable information applications?
  • What if we could automatically alert both business and IT when new data relationships arose or existing ones changed so they could promptly respond to this new opportunity?

Composite Discovery Turns “What If” Into Reality

Composite Discovery is a product that helps you see patterns among your data.  It enables you to examine data, locate key entities and reveal hidden connections in data scattered throughout your organization.  You can use that knowledge to quickly build data schemas required by front-end applications. These rapidly built schemas make it easier to validate and test business requirements with end users.

A well-known obstacle to implementation efficiency is the long cycles it take to get the requirements right.  A slow development and validation process creates confusion as IT and business users get out of synch on what they need to accomplish.  Discovery lets IT and business professionals simplify and accelerate the requirements gathering and data validation process; not only speeding time to solution, but also ensuring that end solution meets business objectives and demonstrate intelligence.

Learn more about Discovery.

One Response to Why Discovery is Important

  1. merabelle s.sinadjan says:

    can you explain the other answer why discovery is important

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