Data Virtualization Roadmap – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series I addressed the wider access and deeper optimizations dimensions of our roadmap.  In Part 2 I will address broader deployments, ease of use and governance.

Broader Deployment Requires Larger Scale Systems

Patterns of data virtualization deployment are evolving rapidly. Five years ago, most new Composite Software customers purchased its data virtualization platform to integrate data at the project level. Last year, half of them purchased us to serve as the enterprise-scale data layer from the start, with over 60 percent of the earlier buyers now on the same journey. With many organizations already supporting thousands of users, this trend will continue with user counts rising to the tens of thousands on a global basis.

Data virtualization’s ultimate deployment architecture is a low-latency, globally distributed data fabric, operating 24×365, with full source and consumer location transparency that spans both on-premise and cloud.  Operating at this scale will significantly impact to the Composite Software’s roadmap for its development, run-time and management environments. 

Expanding User Base Drives Ease-of-Use Agenda

To date, most data virtualization users have been skilled developers and administrators.  This is reflected in the user tools provided by today’s data virtualization vendors.  As data virtualization deployments expand, the range of business and IT staff using this technology becomes larger and more diverse.  Enabling these new communities to learn data virtualization quickly, and then use it productively, is critical to data virtualization’s expansion.

To ensure this happens, Composite Software’s data virtualization roadmap implements two strategies. The first is to continue pushing the bounds of automation to eliminate work wherever possible.  The second is to continue to provide more powerful and intuitive tools to maximize user productivity for the work that remains.

Better Governance for Consistency, Compliance and Control

As data virtualization deployments evolve from projects to layers to global data fabrics, the need for greater data governance expands as well.  Control over data access, assurance of data quality, sharing of common specification and compliance with standards and regulations are but a few examples of governance requirements.

The Composite Software data virtualization roadmap includes capabilities that expand internal visibility over and support of governance practices and policies. Closer alignment with adjacent technologies and processes will simplify governance as well.


Just as business and technology continuously evolves, so too will the scope and impact of data virtualization adoption and Composite Software’s offerings. 

By meeting the markets increasing access, optimization, deployment, ease-of-use, and governance requirements, Composite and our customers will thrive.  

Enabled by a solid roadmap, this will be an exhilarating and rewarding journey.

2 Responses to Data Virtualization Roadmap – Part 2

  1. Andrew Sturt says:

    I think it’s worth noting that two benefits of DV are less duplication of data and centralization of data rules. As duplication of data and of rules both add to the headaches governance teams have to deal with, DV brings benefit to governance from the get go.

  2. Robert Eve says:

    Andy – Good point. For a number of reasons, we have ended up proliferating rules and copies of data. Data virtualization adoption alone helps improve governance (and data quality) by reducing these replications. And with any craft at all, reuse provides an additional governance and quality turbocharger. -bob

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