Customer Value Team Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

Today we announced the five year anniversary of  Composite Software’s Customer Value Organization which I founded and lead.  Unique in the industry, we help organizations plan, measure, achieve and communicate data virtualization value.

Hundreds of Assessments

We have conducted more than 200 customer value assessments. In these, we identify the IT/business initiative, assess areas of potential value enhancement, translate data virtualization capabilities to business benefits and then help communicate overall value and return on investment.  As a result we have developed the most extensive data virtualization value knowledge base of relevant tools, metrics and return-on-investment approaches that we can then share with our customers to assist them in maximizing their data virtualization benefits.

Customer Value Framework is Key

Central to our success is our Customer Value Framework. It is a set of guidelines, methods and tools coupled with a historical, customer-based metric knowledge store to be used in assessing, delivering, and communicating the value of data virtualization initiatives. 

Better Results When Measured

Organizations that use the Customer Value Framework in association with their data virtualization projects, better understand the value of their work and are more successful in gaining executive support. Using this formalized process of assessment, tracking, and benefits documentation can result in a 2X faster internal adoption rate and a 25 percent improvement in the quality and effectiveness of project deliverables over projects where the framework was not used.  

Published Results

Documented case studies developed by the Customer Value team include:

  • A top four global energy firm used Composite to migrate a new key mission-critical business application.  Project leaders used the Composite Customer Value Framework to assess the value throughout, resulting in a Project Cost Avoidance in excess of $2 million and a business Productivity Value Acceleration in excess of $5 million dollars attributed to the more rapid time to solution.
  • A major global money center bank’s key stakeholders collaborated with the Composite team to assess a value in just the past year of over $2 million in project value acceleration to the business due to the faster time to solution, and over $3 million due to resource agility associated with the need for real-time data.
  • A leading pharmaceutical company had already achieved a 75 percent reduction in data integration costs by using the Composite Information Server in a shared services environment, supporting merger activities and clinical research operations. The shared service team worked with the Composite to assess and prove a 2X return-on-investment per remote site, leading to a further 75 percent cost reduction and 2X faster time to solution to meet the local agility needs of the business.

Greater Agility and Cost Savings

Other documented case studies are detailed in the book Data Virtualization: Going Beyond Traditional Data Integration to Achieve Agility. These include:

  • NYSE Euronext saved $4.5 million for one data virtualization project alone.
  • Qualcomm saved $2.2 million across five initial projects.
  • Northern Trust achieved a 50 percent reduction in time to market and 200 percent ROI.
  • Compassion achieved development cost reductions of 30 percent.

Want to Learn More?

Please visit the Composite Software web site for more information on the Customer Value Framework, customer case studies, videos and webinars.

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