Aberdeen Publishes New Report on Agile Data Integration

This week I had a chance to see the June 2012 Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight Report on data integration entitled Beyond Agile Analytics: Is Agile Data Integration Next? By analysts David White and Nathaniel Rowe.

Agile = Better Business Performance

The cool thing about Aberdeen’s research methodology is that it correlates a technology’s impact on business performance, rather than considering the technology in a vacuum. In other words, performance leaders and followers are identified.  Further, Aberdeen’s reports are based on direct end-user survey data. This brings a practical adoption focus.

What is the Value of More Agile Data Integration? 

With data integration forming nearly 20% of BI project costs, the research shows that adopting greater agility in data integration can help to contain BI project costs and make it more likely that projects are delivered on time.

In fact, according to the report, performance leaders were on budget 80% of the time versus 52% for followers. 

On-time performance showed similar results with agile data integration leaders completing 72% of projects on time versus just 43% for followers.

Data Virtualization a Key Enabler

I found the report’s finding on data virtualization quite interesting. The report surveyed adoption of classic ETL, data replication, change data capture and data virtualization. 

As you might expect, ETL was the well-adopted by 79% of leaders and 65% of followers. 

However, demonstrating data virtualization’s increasing market adoption, data virtualization at 54% beat both data replication (45%) and change data capture (37%) in adoption by performance leaders.

So it pays to have a wide range of data integration technology choices.

Additional Reports

Speaking of choices, this report is the fifth of five recent reports on paths to greater Business Intelligence and Data Integration agility by Aberdeen analysts David White and Nathaniel Rowe

These reports include:

Enabling Access to Big Data with Data Integration from April 2012

Picture this: Self-Service BI through Data Discovery &Visualization from March 2012

SaaS BI: The Compelling Economics of Cloud-based Analytics from February 201

Agile BI: Complementing Traditional BI to Address the Shrinking Decision-Window  from November 2011

All are available for a nominal fee from Aberdeen.

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