The Greatest Data Virtualization Day Ever!

Each year, I am responsible for leading the premier event in data virtualization, Data Virtualization Day.  It’s a huge responsibility and even bigger endeavor.  But the rewards are amazing, especially when the event is as successful as Data Virtualization Day 2012.

Data Virtualization Day is the world’s largest gathering of data virtualization experts and implementers. This year the event drew nearly 250 attendees to New York City where they heard from industry experts and authors Rick van der Lans, Wayne Eckerson and Claudia Imhoff, as well as enterprise data virtualization use cases and best practices from Comcast, Franklin Templeton and Pearson.

Eckerson and van der Lans on Data Virtualization: Why it’s Logical for Business and IT

Data virtualization rapid adoption over the past several years begs the question, “What is the logic behind this trend?”  Wayne addressed the business side of this question, providing his analysis of data virtualization’s value to the business.  Rick addressed the IT side of this question, in effect answering “What’s in it for IT?”  These two points of view, when combined, help serve as the business and technical foundation on which enterprises can justify and accelerate their data virtualization investments.

Pearson on Analytics on the Customer Supply Chain

Martin Brodbeck, senior vice president and CTO with Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, addressed “Analytics on the Customer Supply Chain” at Data Virtualization Day 2012. Brodbeck heads large programs across ERP, CRM, eCommerce, content management and mobile company for Pearson’s market-leading businesses in education, business information and consumer publishing. Brodbeck described how data virtualization helps integrate the customer supply chain and provide value to the business.

Comcast on Data Virtualization and Agile Data Assembly

Peter Armstrong, Comcast Vice President of Management Information Systems addressed “Data Virtualization and Agile Data Assembly.”  Armstrong, with more than 20 years of experience implementing and managing information systems to run and improve business processes discussed  Comcast’s customer experience enhancement initiatives and the role that data virtualization plays in enabling rapid assembly of data for decision making. Armstrong also highlighted how Comcast foresees the role of data in its evolving analytic architecture encompassing big data, warehouses, and data marts in support of agile analytics.

Franklin Templeton on Driving Business Results Through Intelligent Data Consumption

Michael McNab, Senior Vice President of Global Business Services at Franklin Templeton detailed “Driving Business Results Through Intelligent Data Consumption.”  McNab, responsible for product data provisioning and with a current focus on data federation and virtualization, provided a business sponsor’s perspective of the many benefits—both anticipated and unanticipated—realized from data virtualization and also shared insights on lessons learned, success factors, and thoughts on some emerging opportunities.

Even Bigger and Better in 2013

For those of you who attended, I hope you gained as many insights and had as much fun as I.

For those of you who didn’t, these presentations are now available at

And for everyone, I hope to see you at Data Virtualization Day 2013!

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