2012 Data Virtualization Leadership Awards

When we think of people showing exemplary leadership in a company, we might be tempted to say “Well, they are paid to do that.  That is their job. It’s really nothing special.”

But how do we consider someone who rises beyond their role, beyond their organization and even beyond their industry to the highest level in a particular field of endeavor?

For me, that is a substantially different and highly admirable type of leadership!

In this blog and the three that follow, I have the pleasure of introducing you to four incredible leaders who represent the “best of the best” in data virtualization.

Data Virtualization Leadership Awards

Each year, Composite Software recognizes outstanding data virtualization leadership with eponymously named, Data Virtualization Leadership Awards.

Award winners represent the best in data virtualization leadership, concepts, results and evangelism.  Not only did they guide important and sustainable progress benefiting their organizations, they also made significant contributions to data virtualization’s overall advancement.

Nominated by their peers in the industry and then chosen by my Customer Value team, these award winners are honored in a ceremony at the annual Composite Data Virtualization Day event, this year held in New York City on October 10.

Four Awards In 2012

This year there were 4 awards:

  • High Impact Award: Recognizing the depth and breadth of the data virtualization impact on the business and to IT
  • Rethinking Data Management Award: Recognizing speed and flexibility in the  applying data virtualization for improved business agility
  • Innovative Solutions Award: Recognizing innovation in executing demanding data integration projects in complex environments
  • Data Virtualization Champion Award: Recognizing promotion of data virtualization’s value across their organization and in the broader business and IT community.

This Year’s Data Virtualization Champion Award

The 2012 Data Virtualization Champion award was given to an individual in the pharmaceutical sector who has been a data virtualization user for six years.  During that time he has helped change how his company has applied data integration technology, has influenced industry analysts, has provided best practices advice to other firms across many industries, has written articles and was a contributor to the book “Data Virtualization: Going Beyond Traditional Data Integration to Achieve Business Agility”.

He is one of the world’s greatest champions for Data Virtualization.

The leader who received this year’s Data Virtualization Champion Award is Mike Linhares, PhD and Research Fellow at Pfizer Pharma Sciences.

Mike heads up the Business Information Systems group in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Strategy, Sourcing and Operations in Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development. His team is responsible for data integration and reporting for the global Project, Portfolio and Resource Management team.

In January 2008, Mike and his team introduced a data integration framework that includes the Composite Data Virtualization Platform as a key component of the strategic architecture. Prior to his current role, Mike was the lead information architect in Research working on the Molecule to Market information strategy that led to designing and development of the Research Information Factory (RIF) – a hybrid data warehouse that holds all of Pfizer’s research data.

Mike began his Pfizer career in 1993 working in Animal health Safety and Metabolism, and has also worked in Human Health Discovery Drug Metabolism as a Project Leader.  He holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from PurdueUniversity.

A Big ‘Thank You’ to Mike

I recall meeting with Mike once on his site in Groton CT, in a beautiful and pragmatically-designed conference center. I learned later that Mike served on the team of advisors who, as future users, had been asked to contribute to the design of that building at its inception.

That is the kind of leader Mike is. One with whom, by association, we can all greatly benefit.

Thank you Mike, for all you have done for Data Virtualization!

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