NYSE Euronext Wins Information-Management.com Innovative Solution Award for Data Integration

We are thrilled that our customer, NYSE Euronext, a multinational operator of 14 financial exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange, has won the Information-Management.com Innovative Solution Award for Data Integration.

Emile explains how his team deals with the massive volumes of transaction data with data virtualization.

NYSE Euronext Saves $5 Million Annually

NYSE Euronext was recognized for creating a system to support Web access to market data for external users utilizing the Composite Data Virtualization Platform that is providing organizational savings of $5 million annually.

NYSE Euronext implemented an enterprise-wide data virtualization layer using Composite that provides consistent, on-demand access to a range of trades, orders, receipts, quotes, cancels and administrates data globally for analysis and reporting.

Meet the Innovative Visionary

Emile Werr, VP Global Data Services and Chief Data Architect at NYSE Euronext, is the champion behind the success at NYSE Euronext. According to Emile:

“We want to integrate data at a point where it’s persisted rather than make copies. Some of these determinations are based on SLAs and performance and what the system is capable of but wherever we have the capability to get the data from a source without having to move it is also a cost savings. Composite is a big contributor to our success and evolving data integration strategy.”

Kudos to Emile and Team

We are extremely proud of Emile’s and his team’s work. They are truly deserving of Information Management’s recognition.

Click here to learn more about NYSE Euronext’s data virtualization implementation.

Are you an Innovator?

Have you used data virtualization as an innovative solution at your organization? Tell us about it.

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