Data Virtualization Returns to the BBBT

Since 2010, Composite Software has kicked off the Boulder BI Brain Trust’s new year. In 2013 we continue this tradition on Friday January 4.

Leading off with Data Virtualization Adoption Successes

This is Composite Software’s fifth opportunity to present at the BBBT, a gathering of leading BI analysts, experts and practitioners founded by Dr. Claudia Imhoff, president of Intelligent Solutions, Inc.

Following the pattern established with Compassion International in 2010 and NYSE Euronext in 2011, and Pfizer in 2012, Composite will again include a customer speaker in our session. This year it will be Franklin Templeton Investments.

Business Benefits and Lessons Learned

Franklin Templeton Investments Senior VP, Global Marketing Services Michael J. McNab will describe Franklin’s extensive experience in enabling global enterprise data integration and agile business intelligence utilizing the Composite Data Virtualization Platform™.

McNab, responsible for product data provisioning with a current focus on data virtualization, will provide the BBBT a business sponsor’s perspective of the many benefits realized through its data virtualization programs and extension of web services including:

  • speed-to-market improvements
  • efficiencies managing databases
  • elimination of duplicate data stores
  • superior project-to-budget and project-to-schedule performance.

Mike will also share lessons learned and success factors. To learn more about Franklin Templeton’s data virtualization adoption, you can see short version (below) and long versions of Mike’s presentation from Data Virtualization Day in on The Data Virtualization Channel.

Data Virtualization Year in Review

As is my custom, I will provide my insights on key Composite Software and data virtualization market milestones from 2012 as well as my interpretations of market adoption. The role of data virtualization with respect to the rise of Big Data Analytics and the Logical Data Warehouse are a couple of examples of topics I will cover.

Data Virtualization and Big Data Analytics

Typically Composite’s CTO David Besemer joins me at the BBBT.  But this year we plan to change it up a bit. Composite CEO Jim Green and Composite SVP of Product Development Kevin Ott will join me on site, with Composite EVP Marc Breissinger calling in from Washington, DC.

Jim will talk about Composite’s business strategy and directions for 2013 and beyond. Kevin and Marc will discuss product strategy, with particular emphasis on how data virtualization addresses key big data analytics challenges.

Follow the BBBT on Twitter and More

While the event is an exclusive analyst presentation specifically for BBBT members, you can gain insights from this BBBT session in several ways including

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