Boulder BI Brain Trust Trip Report

In my last blog, Data Virtualization Returns to the BBBT, I announced Composite’s fifth presentation to the Boulder BI Brain Trust on January 4, 2013. This blog is a “trip report” covering that visit.

Backgrounder on the BBBT

According to their website, “The BBBT is a gathering of leading BI analysts, experts, and practitioners who attend 1/2-day presentations from interesting and innovative BI vendors.

It’s a reciprocal arrangement – BBBT members get briefed on leading edge tools and technologies, and the vendors get valuable feedback from us, including our ideas on where BI is going, our advice on their marketing direction and message, and our critique of their offering(s).”

This Year’s Objective

This year, as with our earlier efforts, Composite’s goal was to take full advantage of this unique-in-the-IT-industry briefing and feedback opportunity.

On the briefing side we presented Composite Software’s data virtualization business from three points of view.

  • First, we provided a customer’s perspective on data virtualization adoption
  • Second, we summarized 2012 data virtualization trends and major accomplishments
  • Third, and finally, we presented a look ahead at exciting new functionality and market segments

Great Analyst Participation

Twenty-seven analysts participated on the call including; Carla Agüero, Augusto Aldeghi, Ted Cuzzillo, Barry Devlin, Joseph di Paolantonio, Steve Dine, Clarise Doval Santos, Dr. Richard Hackathorn, Kenneth Hansen, Ralph Hughes, Claudia Imhoff, Krish Krishnan, William McKnight, Tom Nats, John O’Brien, William Pearson, Ron Powell, Neil Raden, Ali Rebaie, Lyndy Ryan, Paul te Braak, Oliver Vagner, Rick van der Lans, Jos van Dongen, Colin White, Richard Winter, and Lyndsay Wise.

Belying the Boulder moniker, six continents were represented. And while it was a great opportunity to introduce Composite and data virtualization to several analysts for the first time, it was also great to collaborate with analysts such as Claudia, Steve, Ron, Neil and Colin who have been following Composite for the past ten years.

The analyst feedback, as always, was well-considered and on point.

Customer Point of View from Franklin Templeton

Mike McNab, of Franklin Templeton, led off with an hour long presentation of their global adoption of Composite for marketing data services.  Focusing on the scope and impact of their implementation, few could have communicated data virtualization’s power more convincingly.

The analysts drilled into the complexity and scope of Franklin’s implementation overall, as well as the specific benefits achieved.  Mike listed the following benefits including, greater data accuracy and consistency, more timely data, improved flexibility / nimbleness, excellent reliability, global marketing coverage, as well as significantly lower costs.

Mike also listed a number of unanticipated benefits including voracious data virtualization adoption, removal of dependencies, improved employee retention, better knowledge transfer, and a stronger appetite for data governance.

Mike closed his presentation by showing an amazing video that communicated a number of the capabilities enabled by data virtualization including:

  • Load Tracking
  • Data Lineage
  • Aggregation
  • Cleansing
  • Rules Management
  • Localization
  • Auto-validation routines (daily)
  • Release Control Management
  • Distribution

To learn more about Franklin’s implementation, readers can see a similar short version (below) and a long version of Mike’s BBBT presentation  on The Data Virtualization Channel .

Year in Review

After Mike, I provided and update on our 2012 successes across several dimensions including major new customer acquisitions across Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications and more.

We reviewed the 2012 Composite Data Virtualization Platform 6.1 and 6.2 product releases.

And on the data virtualization thought leadership front, it was a fun to brag about the DV (Data Virtualization) Café Microsite & Linked In Community and all the great videos on The Data Virtualization Channel. Further, I had a chance to promote Rick van der Lans’ Data Virtualization Book and TDWI’s Data Virtualization Class.

Future Directions

Jim Green, Composite’s CEO, Kevin Ott, SVP of Products, and Marc Breissinger, EVP of Strategic Initiatives, discussed (under confidential non-disclosure) Composite’s product plans for 2013 and beyond. Stay tuned.

For more information

Jim Green and Claudia Imhoff’s BBBT Podcast on Data Virtualization trends is also now available.

If you want to get more insights from the BBBT analysts themselves, you can review their tweets filtering on #BBBT.

Or Tweet something yourself.

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