Vodafone Gains Agility with Data Virtualization

We are pleased to welcome Vodafone Netherlands to the great list of Composite customers who are using data virtualization to improve business agility.

Facing ongoing requests from business units seeking access to new data sources in hopes of gaining new business insights, Michael Hansen, Vodafone Netherlands Manager Business Intelligence Competence Center, responsible for BI strategy and architecture led the decision to leverage data virtualization and the selection of Composite as their data virtualization solution.

Bridging the Gap Between the Business and IT

“With Composite, we are confident to bridge the gap between the increasing impatience of our business users in exploiting more and more data and giving them the ability to do so,” Hansen said. “In addition, we feel it is important to have an in-house capability like Composite next to outsourcing capabilities like classical data provisioning and information exploitation activities.”

Vodafone Netherlands is part of the Vodafone Group, the world’s second largest mobile phone operator with headquarters in the UK and operations in 30 countries around the globe with more than 440 million subscribers and revenues of approximately $75 billion.

Efficient Reporting and Analysis

The Composite data virtualization solution complements and extends Vodafone Netherlands’ current computing infrastructure consisting of a Teradata data warehouse with 20 terabytes of customer data, Ab Initio for data integration and SAP/ Business Objects for reporting and analysis.

Those data services which they decide to physically implement in the Teradata data warehouse will have already been prototyped and put into operation using Composite Information Server and will make the outsourcing of the development for the ETL much more straightforward.

Growing Adoption

Hansen says the list of people wanting access to the data virtualization layer is growing every day. The implementations are expanding within as people are seeing the capabilities of the Composite Data Virtualization Platform.

To see testimonials of other data virtualization users please visit our YouTube customer playlist at The Data Virtualization Channel.

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