Trip Report from Gartner BI and Analytics Summit

Last week Composite Software was at the Gartner BI and Analytics conference in Dallas

It was an incredible event in terms of content and community including:

 –        32 Gartner analysts presented 3.5 days of content, in over 100 sessions including keynotes, workshops, roundtables and more.  Data Virtualization and Data Federation (Gartner uses both terms) were highlighted as key enablers in a number of these sessions.

-        Over 50 vendors participated in the solution showcase and led an additional 25 or more sessions.

-        Over 1500 attendees, from both business and IT, joined as well with the goal of driving more value from their BI and Analytics investments.

Analytics to the Fore

In the opening keynote, Fast Forward: New Information.  New Challenges.  New Solutions, analysts Ian Bertram, Ted Friedman and Bill Hostmann suggested a tectonic realignment of IT solution thinking that placed Analytics at the center of all things IT.

This revolutionary realignment is right if you believe Professors Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT who said in a recent Harvard Business Review article:

“Companies that inject big data and analytics into their operations show productivity rates and profitability that are 5% to 6% higher than those of their peers.”

CIO’s certainly believe this.  In a 2012 survey of 2300 CIOs by Gartner, Analytics was their number one technology priority.

So I guess it makes sense that Gartner has changed the name of this event, now calling it the BI and Analytics Summit.

Fresher Perspectives

As the guy at Composite charged with staying abreast of the latest analyst perspectives, I truly enjoyed the up-to-minute research and insights that were presented this year.

Unlike prior years where the Gartner analyst’s appeared to be targeting the 50th percentile adopters in the audience, this year they focused on the vanguard, presenting only their latest research and describing the most-advanced, early adopter use cases.

Data Virtualization (and Federation) and Data Integration

In the data integration sessions such as Ted Friedman’s Advancing Your Data Integration Competencies in Support of Analytics, data virtualization was discussed several times.   Ted discussed increasing adoption rates in general and how data virtualization enables the Logical Data Warehouse, data access services in SOA and registry MDM implementation styles.   As a best practices example of an Integration Competency Center, Ted described the shared services data integration approach used by data virtualization user and Composite customer Pfizer.

Data Virtualization (and Federation) and the Logical Data Warehouse

Along the Logical Data Warehouse theme, Mark Beyer in this session entitled Leveraging Big Data In Analytics With The Logical Data Warehouse, described data virtualization as one of the seven key elements in a Logical Data Warehouse conceptual architecture.   Mark also discussed data virtualization’s growing use in federating big data with the enterprise data warehouse.

You can learn more about the intersection of data virtualization and the logical data warehouse in David Besemer’s video below.

In To the Point: Data, Data Everywhere and Yes, It’s Accessible, Jamie Popkin covered data virtualization in the Logical Data Warehouse in a more hands-on design and deployment manner as a complement to Mark’s higher level, conceptual architecture.

These sessions certainly had an impact as a number of attendees stopped by the Composite booth to discuss how we could help them get started on a Logical Data Warehouse initiative.


What Did You Think?

If you attended, I imagine you had a fun and intellectually satisfying time as well. If you did not, Gartner clients can contact their Gartner account managers for reprints and replays.  And for everyone, check out #GartnerBI on Twitter.  The wisdom of this crowd is amazing.

2 Responses to Trip Report from Gartner BI and Analytics Summit

  1. Ken Dunn says:

    Thanks for the overview – how is Composite evolving to meet the big data challenges?

    • Robert Eve says:

      Ken – It is great to hear from you.

      Composite is addressing the big data challenge on several fronts.

      First we view big data as a significant and growing source for integration with enterprise, cloud, EDW, and other critical sources. As such we have a roadmap for enhancement of our HIVE adapter as well as other integration approaches and capabilities. We can schedule a 1.1 with product management to go through this in detail.

      Second, we believe the most important V in big data beyond volume, velocity, and variety is VALUE. Analytics is the path to big data value. So we also have a number of initiatives to improve data availability to analytics projects including finding, accessing and sandboxing these analytic data sets. For now, please see the analytics sections of our Agile BI and Analytics section on the Composite website We also have some new product ideas we can discuss under NDA.

      For both, let us know and we will set it up.

      Regards, Bob Eve

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