Forrester Information Fabric 3.0 – A Fresh Take on Data Virtualization

On the Data Virtualization Vanguard

Forrester’s Mike Gilpin and Noel Yuhanna have been on the vanguard of data virtualization since their January 9, 2006 report trends report, “Information Fabric: Enterprise Data Virtualization.”

Their new report, “Forrester Information Fabric 3.0, Forrester’s Reference Architecture For Enterprise Data Virtualization” was published on August 8, 2013.

In this report, data virtualization is deemed more important than ever from business perspective.  In effect, Forrester is calling data virtualization a must have capability, without which you are at competitive disadvantage.

From a technology perspective, the latest version places higher emphasis on leveraging newer technologies including big data, cloud, mobility, in-memory caching, and dynamic services.

Below are the three key takeaways from the report.

“Enterprise Data Integration Challenges Have Grown Increasingly Critical

Integrating business data from the proliferation of data repositories to deliver the unified view needed to support business applications, analytics, and real-time insights has become a nightmare. The explosion of new data sources, including social media, mobile devices, partners, the marketplace, and machine-generated data, aggravates the problem.

Forrester’s Information Fabric Uses New Technologies To Broaden Its Impact

Based on recent interviews of customers and vendors, we are updating our reference architecture to include new and enhanced technology supporting a wider range of applications and business requirements. Product implementations have matured and innovated with emerging technologies like big data, streaming and real-time data, APIs, and in-memory.

You Need A Data Virtualization Strategy To Succeed; Without One, You Risk Falling Behind

Without data virtualization, you risk knowing less about your customers. You’ll get fewer real-time business insights, lose your competitive advantage, and spend more to address data challenges. Firms that invest in data virtualization technologies will respond more quickly, deliver more and better products, and grow faster than their competitors.”

Interesting Use Cases Highlighted

Multiple use cases were provided. To learn more about Composite’s use case, check out this video.

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