When Data Virtualization Meets the Network

Most followers of data virtualization have a data management background. This is why many did not immediately understand why “a networking company” like Cisco would be interested in acquiring data virtualization market leader Composite Software.

Data Virtualization Meets the Network,” a report from analyst firm EMA does a great job exploring several of the factors behind this powerful new combination.

Data Virtualization Drivers

According to EMA, “sophisticated users and applications, along with less expensive hardware and software, better and faster technology, and new valuable data sources are causing a shift away from single platforms solutions such as enterprise data warehouses towards a more diverse or hybrid ecosystem focused on matching data type, workload and platform capabilities to execute these workload.

Hybrid strategies allow for deeper business insights and more sophisticated workloads but often demand more than traditional data integration tools can deliver. As more platforms are utilized and data is more diverse and geographically separated, data virtualization becomes a solution that’s critical for many companies to utilize.”

The Network is Now Critical

So that is the case for data virtualization. But why combine data virtualization and networking.  The report addresses this point directly. “As data virtualization has matured to meet these new demands, the networks sitting at either end of the data virtualization technology, have become the bottlenecks to speed and scale.

Data virtualization technologies access data where it resides versus physically moving it to other platforms. This model allows for a more agile environment saving time and money when managing data in complex environments. Data virtualization platforms must rely upon query optimization along relatively fixed network paths to enable the transmission of this data.”

Unique Offering Takes Data Virtualization to the Next Level

“The acquisition of Composite Software is a wise move for Cisco as it combines the functionality of data virtualization and Cisco’s ability to understand the network as well as enact change within it to allow data virtualization to be executed at an even higher level than previous technologies allowed.

This acquisition creates an interesting challenge for other data virtualization vendors who will need to add similar network function to their products.”

Get the Full Report

While this blog covers the high points of EMA’s research report, you can access the full report at:  http://purl.ManticoreTechnology.com/MTC_Common/mtcURLSrv.aspx?ID=12917&Key=FE72CA6B-C6D6-4DA1-91D6-5CDE20B85E33&URLID=27784

One Response to When Data Virtualization Meets the Network

  1. With Cisco being the leader in the network market it is a perfect fit for them to acquire the market leader in data virtualization. It is critical that the speed to access this data is not compromised and with two market leaders joining forces it shows that Composite Software is making sure they are doing everything right concerning the network side of their applications.

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