Data Virtualization Leadership Blog

The Data Virtualization Leadership Blog™  provides a unique forum where organizations can learn, explore and discuss diverse data virtualization topics ranging from high-end strategy and architecture to more detailed lessons learned, tips and techniques.

The goal of the Data Virtualization Leadership Blog is to provide data virtualization adopters with high quality insights informed by the most relevant data management trends, most innovative data virtualization use cases and the latest data virtualization solution offerings.

The blog includes six regularly updated tracks covering the complete data virtualization adoption lifecycle. These tracks include:

  • Data Virtualization Strategy and Technology
  • Enterprise Architecture and Data Virtualization
  • Data Virtualization Implementation Best Practices
  • Data Virtualization Products and Solutions
  • Business Value and Data Virtualization
  • Data Virtualization Market Trends

The Data Virtualization Leadership Blog is presented by data virtualization market leader Cisco.  Members of the Cisco data virtualization leadership team author the blog content and guide discussion tracks.

The Data Virtualization Leadership Blog can also be accessed via Information Management, along with selective analyst and vendor blogs, as well as via the Data Virtualization Café.

About Composite Software, now a part of Cisco

Fast-changing business conditions require agility – a difficult challenge in distributed, on-premises, big data and cloud environments. Cisco Data Virtualization is agile data integration software that makes it easy for you to access your data, no matter where it resides. With our integrated data platform, you can query all types of data across the network as if it were in a single place.

The greater insight you get will give you the IT flexibility you need, with significant cost savings. You can then adapt to change more quickly and make better decisions in real time, without physically moving your data.

Visit us on the Web at Cisco Data Virtualization, or follow us on twitter @CiscoDataVirt.

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