How Data Abstraction Works Part 2

In How Data Abstraction Works Part 1, I outlined the challenges organizations face today as they deal with the diversity of cloud, big data, data warehouse, enterprise and external data sources. In it I made a case for data abstraction, in general, as well as data virtualization was a superior way to implement data abstraction, in particular.

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How Data Abstraction Works Part 1

Organizations today understand that better access to information assets can improve their bottom-line.

But they struggle with the variety of enterprise, cloud and big data sources, and all their associated access mechanisms, syntax, security, etc.  Further, few data sources are structured properly for business user or application consumption, let alone reuse.  And often the data is incomplete or duplicated.

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Architecting Analytic Data Hubs

I Love Solution Architecture

I have been doing enterprise architecture for a long time. From my early days as a consultant at Accenture to my role at CTO of webMethods and for the past several years working with Composite Software’s largest enterprise customers, I find enterprise architecture a wonderful challenge.

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Data Virtualization’s Logical Role in the Logical Data Warehouse

I have been closely following Gartner’s Logical Data Warehouse (LDW) strategy for the past year and a half.

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Comparing Data Virtualization and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Given my prior role as CTO at webMethods, I am often asked to compare data virtualization and EAI offerings. Here is what I typically say.

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Accenture Technology Vision and the Role of Data Virtualization

Every year, Accenture creates and distributes a new technology vision.  As a former employee of Accenture’s Technology Labs, I like to stay current with how they are viewing the world, and the vision document provides a great snapshot of their best thinking across an array of technology topics.

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Data Virtualization at Forrester Enterprise Architecture Forum 2012

Last week Composite Software’s chief technical officer, David Besemer, presented to the CIOs and Enterprise Architects attending the Forrester Research, Inc. Enterprise Architecture Forum in Las Vegas.

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Barriers to Agility in Architecture

Last week I read a great blog by Forrester’s Brian Hopkins entitled Agility And What’s Keeping You From It. In it, Brian cites Forrester research that says while 45% of IT rate their ability to accommodate business change positively, only 30% of business respondents felt the same way.

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Federating Architectures for BI Professionals

New eBook Addresses Key Challenges

Wayne Eckerson, veteran consultant and industry analyst in analytics, business intelligence, performance management and data warehousing at the BeyeNETWORK  just published a new eBook entitled “Federating Architectures for BI Professionals.” Composite Software sponsored it’s publication.

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Use Data Virtualization to Achieve Self-Service BI – Part 3

In the first blog in this series, I addressed the drivers behind self-service BI and in the second I addressed how BI’s enabling architecture and how it must change to meet today’s self-service BI demands. In this blog I show how data virtualization enables self-service BI.

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