Counting Down to Data Virtualization Day 2013

Take Big Advantage of Your Data with Composite and Cisco

Today, the difference between business leaders and also-rans is how well they leverage their data.
And with big data and cloud causing data to be more distributed than ever, world-class data virtualization and networking technology have become critical to this success.

With the acquisition of Composite Software, only Cisco provides this powerful combination.

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Data Virtualization Leadership Blog Selected in Top 30 MIS Blogs of 2012

We are proud to announce that our Data Virtualization Leadership Blog has been awarded as one of the Top 30 Management of Information Systems (MIS) Blogs of 2012.

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Get Certified On Data Virtualization, Virtually!

A First in Data Virtualization

Last week we announced the industries’ first Data Virtualization certification program, the Composite Information Server Specialist Certification.

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Analytic Sandboxes and Data Virtualization

Analytics – Opportunities and Challenges

I have spent a number of years in the BI space including time with innovators including Business Objects and EMC. In my opinion, the opportunity for business people to perform new types of analysis to gain greater insight into their business and customers has never been greater.

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How Organizational Hurdles Can Delay Data Virtualization Adoption

Because of both organizational resistance and technological concerns, enterprises often struggle when adopting new data management technologies such as data virtualization. In this blog, I will examine five common organizational hurdles to data virtualization adoption.

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Data Virtualization Best Practices from Our Customers – Part 2

Five Lessons from Leading Data Virtualization Adopters

In this series of three blog posts, I am passing along the best practice lessons from the ten organizations profiled in Data Virtualization: Going Beyond Traditional Data Integration to Achieve Business Agility.

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Data Virtualization Best Practices from Our Customers – Part 1

Five Lessons from Leading Data Virtualization Adopters

Enterprise adoption of data virtualization continues to accelerate driven by organization demands for greater business agility and lower IT costs.

My professional services team has deployed Composite data virtualization offerings in support of hundreds of implementations. From this work a number of best practices have emerged. 

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Getting Started on Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization Adoption Follows a Well Known Path

As with any new technology, organizations begin the data virtualization adoption process with a business justification and a technical evaluation, followed by a phased implementation. 

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How Data Virtualization Improves Data Governance – Part 2

Five Requirements for More Effective Data Governance

Many technical articles and white papers define data governance, so it does not make sense to include a lengthy treatment here.  However, it is helpful for our discussion to identify data governance’s most critical requirements. 


How Data Virtualization Improves Data Governance – Part 1

Common Data Governance Traps

While we may not want to admit it, traditional data integration approaches make data governance harder.  By addressing traditional data integration in a new way, data virtualization avoids or lessens the impact of the three biggest data governance traps.

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