The Future of Data Virtualization

Rick van der Lans is the most prolific analyst covering the data virtualization scene these days.

Rick’s recent BeyeNetwork article, Data Virtualization: Where Do We Stand Today?  provides an excellent overview of Rick’s latest data virtualization thinking. I found his thoughts on the future of data virtualization products to be prescient.

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How Data Virtualization Addresses the Big Data Integration Skills Shortage

Big data opens the door to unprecedented analytic opportunities for business innovation, customer retention and profit growth. However, the big data skills shortage is creating a bottleneck at every organization today as they move from early big data experiments into enterprise scale adoption. This constraint limits big data analytics success.

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How Caching Works In Data Virtualization Environments

Managing Performance and SLAs

I am often asked how to manage query performance of frequently-accessed data sources, in order to minimize impact on operational systems or to support service level agreements.

While this can be a challenge in large scale data virtualization environments, caching, also known as materialized views, provides an excellent performance adjunct to query optimization.

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Going Deep on Analytic Sandboxes and Data Hubs

Richard Sherman, founder of Athena IT Solutions, which provides business intelligence, data integration and data warehouse consulting and training, has published two new white papers describing a new generation of analytical sandboxes and analytical hubs and their emerging role in enabling agile analytics.

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Don’t Let Legacy Systems Slow You Down

In our ever changing technology environment, new opportunities are everywhere.  Predictive analytics, big data, mobile, cloud and virtualization are but a few.

These new technologies improve business competitiveness, increase agility, save money and more.

But migrating from existing systems can be risk prone.  And efforts often drag out.

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Analytics and Data Virtualization on My Mind

I have been thinking a lot about analytics lately.

It is not just because I have been working on my presentation for our upcoming webinar, A Novel Approach to the Analytic Sandbox Challenge on September 11, 2012.

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It’s Logical: New Report on the Logical Data Warehouse

Last month, Gartner analysts Mark A. Beyer and Roxane Edjali published Understanding the Logical Data Warehouse: The Emerging Practice. This is the most recent published research on the logical data warehouse that has been forming since Gartner analysts noted the rising significance of big data and data virtualization back in 2008.

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Is it time to Embrace a Hybrid Data Ecosystem?

From a data management strategy point of view, we all understand the critical importance of the enterprise data warehouse. Yet new business imperatives and new technologies have significantly changed the data management landscape, hereafter changing the role of the EDW.

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Rearranging Deck Chairs on IT’s Titanic

One Hundred Years Ago Today

On April 12, 1912, the maiden voyage of the seemingly unsinkable RMS Titanic ended in disaster. 

Now, one hundred years later to the day, IT is on course for a similar collision, with similar catastrophic fate. 

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Data Virtualization Roadmap – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series I addressed the wider access and deeper optimizations dimensions of our roadmap.  In Part 2 I will address broader deployments, ease of use and governance.

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