Big Data Analytics – Better with Data Virtualization

Big Data Analytics Make Business Sense

Big data analytic opportunities are abundant, with business value the driver. According to the Professors Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT:

“Companies that inject big data and analytics into their operations show productivity rates and profitability that are 5% to 6% higher than those of their peers.”

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Archiving with Big Data = Better Business Results

Business Value from Mixing Current and Historical Data

Historical data is now an essential tool for businesses as they struggle to meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, manage risk and perform predictive analytics that help improve business decisions.And while recent data may be available in from operational systems and some summarized historical data available in the data warehouse, the traditional practice of archiving older, detail-level data offsite on tape makes business analytics challenging, if not impossible, because the historical information needed is simply unavailable.

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Counting Down to Data Virtualization Day 2013

Take Big Advantage of Your Data with Composite and Cisco

Today, the difference between business leaders and also-rans is how well they leverage their data.
And with big data and cloud causing data to be more distributed than ever, world-class data virtualization and networking technology have become critical to this success.

With the acquisition of Composite Software, only Cisco provides this powerful combination.

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Data Virtualization Day 2013 – Mark Your Calendar

Driving Greater Business Impact via Data Virtualization

With so much data, the difference between business leaders and also-rans is how well they leverage their data.

This imperative is reflected in the theme of Data Virtualization Day 2013, Gain Big Advantage From Your Data: Drive Greater Business Impact via Data Virtualization.

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Tudor Investment Corporation Acquires Data Virtualization

Tudor Investment Corporation, a globally pre-eminent hedge fund manager, has joined an impressive list of Composite customers with their recent adoption of data virtualization.

Tudor purchased the Composite Data Virtualization Platform to create a virtual data layer to streamline access to market and trade data for traders, analysts, and management. “This increased agility will enable us to better serve our user community by reducing the time required to deliver data requests,” says Paul Mark Skittone, Tudor’s Head of Data Services.

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Vodafone Gains Agility with Data Virtualization

We are pleased to welcome Vodafone Netherlands to the great list of Composite customers who are using data virtualization to improve business agility.

Facing ongoing requests from business units seeking access to new data sources in hopes of gaining new business insights, Michael Hansen, Vodafone Netherlands Manager Business Intelligence Competence Center, responsible for BI strategy and architecture led the decision to leverage data virtualization and the selection of Composite as their data virtualization solution.

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Big Data Common Sense

Back to Basics

Velocity, volume, and variety seem to be the 3 V’s that everyone talks about when it comes to Big Data. What happened to the most important V, Value?

So when it comes to Big Data, my advice is don’t get knocked off guard by the Big Data buzzwords. Go back to business and technology basics, and you’ll be fine.

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NYSE Euronext Wins Innovative Solution Award for Data Integration

We are thrilled that our customer, NYSE Euronext, a multinational operator of 14 financial exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange, has won the Innovative Solution Award for Data Integration.

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Leadership Award for High Impact

Mike McNab is a Senior Vice President, Global Marketing Services, at Franklin Templeton Investments. Mike recently spoke about his experiences with data virtualization at our Composite Data Virtualization Day event in New York.

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Leadership Award for Innovative Solutions

There is a catacomb of tunnels under the streets of downtown Houston TX, linking an underworld of passage-ways and doors and secured entrances and stairs and escalators and shops to the above-ground and its buildings, parking garages, and hotels. The first time I went to visit Anestacio Rios, there was a big storm brewing outside. So, when I inquired with hotel staff about directions to Anestacio’s building, they told me, “Just take the tunnels. It’s easy, and you’ll stay dry!”

Well, I did stay dry, but the route wasn’t easy!

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