London Calling: Ringing Endorsements for Data Virtualization

Last week I attended the Master Data Management Summit & Data Governance Conference Europe 2012 event in London. 

However, judging by the buzz, one might have thought it was a Data Virtualization conference, wrongly named.  Here is what I heard.

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Data Virtualization Roadmap – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series I addressed the wider access and deeper optimizations dimensions of our roadmap.  In Part 2 I will address broader deployments, ease of use and governance.

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How Data Virtualization Improves Data Governance – Part 2

Five Requirements for More Effective Data Governance

Many technical articles and white papers define data governance, so it does not make sense to include a lengthy treatment here.  However, it is helpful for our discussion to identify data governance’s most critical requirements. 


How Data Virtualization Improves Data Governance – Part 1

Common Data Governance Traps

While we may not want to admit it, traditional data integration approaches make data governance harder.  By addressing traditional data integration in a new way, data virtualization avoids or lessens the impact of the three biggest data governance traps.

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