Cisco Enters the Data Virtualization Market

The purpose of the Data Virtualization Leadership Blog is to provide data virtualization adopters with high quality insights informed by the most relevant data management trends, most innovative data virtualization use cases and the latest data virtualization solution offerings.

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Comparing Data Virtualization and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Given my prior role as CTO at webMethods, I am often asked to compare data virtualization and EAI offerings. Here is what I typically say.

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A Look Under the Data Virtualization Hood – Part 1

How Data Virtualization Works

Data virtualization is a data integration approach and technology used by innovative organizations to achieve greater business agility and reduce costs.

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Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Virtualizing Data – Part 2

In my prior blog post, I revisited mistakes one through five from my November 2008 Virtualization Journal cover article entitled Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Virtualizing Data.  In this post I will address mistakes six through ten and summarize what has changed since 2008.
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A Roadmap for Federal Agency Adoption of Data Virtualization (Part 2)

This is the second of three blog posts that guide federal agencies in the successful adoption of data virtualization to meet numerous critical information challenges. In this blog posts, I will cover step three ina five step approach that agencies can use to drive successful data virtualization adoption.

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Is Data Discovery the Answer to the Zettabyte Problem? Part 1

Data Data Everywhere! 

IDC’s June 2011 report Extracting Value from Chaos, estimates the amount of information currently stored by the end of 2011 will be 1.8 zettabytes.  That’s 1.8 trillion gigabytes.  IDC believes this data has grown by a factor of nine in the past five years.

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The Third “Wave” in Information-as-a-Service

And so it begins.  Forrester Research analysts Noel Yuhanna and Mike Gilpin recently commenced research on the third generation of their seminal Information-as-a-Service (IaaS) Forrester Wave™.

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What’s in a name? that which we call a rose

In Juliet’s famous scene from Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare implies that a name, in this case Montague, means nothing.

So how have we been naming this concept that we now call ‘data virtualization’ over the past ten years?

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