A Roadmap for Federal Agency Adoption of Data Virtualization (Part 1)

Federal agencies are under increasing pressure to improve efficiency, share information more readily and execute on ever expanding congressional mandates. 

But this is far easier said than done in IT environments with government-sized volumes, decades of already in place systems and myriad new requirements being layered on top.

This is why federal government IT leaders are adopting data virtualization.

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What’s in a name? that which we call a rose

In Juliet’s famous scene from Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare implies that a name, in this case Montague, means nothing.

So how have we been naming this concept that we now call ‘data virtualization’ over the past ten years?

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Data Virtualization Market – Evolution, Revolution and a 360º View

The data virtualization market is ever evolving, often at breakneck pace.

A key part of my job as Executive Vice President of Marketing at Composite Software is to understand this dynamic data virtualization market and then use this understanding to help Composite, our customers, and our partners find mutual success in it.

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