Data Virtualization Reaches Critical Mass According to New Forrester Research Report

On June 15, 2011, an exciting new analyst report on Data Virtualization was published by a research team led by Brian Hopkins of Forrester Research.

The report, entitled, Data Virtualization Reaches Critical Mass: Technology Advancements, New Patterns, And Customer Successes Make This Enterprise Technology Both A Short- And Long-Term Solution by Brian Hopkins with Alex Cullen, Mike Gilpin, Boris Evelson, Gene Leganza, and Mackenzie Cahill, is the first research report by one of the mega analyst firms that was 100 percent focused on data virtualization adoption in large enterprises.

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Why Query Optimization Matters

Historically, most data integration has been accomplished by copying all the data to a new location (e.g., a data warehouse). This strategy essentially pre-stages the data that may be necessary to satisfy the complete set of possible queries that may be run.

The consolidation activity is typically done at off hours in batch mode (using ETL), which is necessary because it puts non-trivial load on the source systems and consumes significant network bandwidth. In this approach the emphasis is on a comprehensiveness of the data set, not on the efficiency of assembling it.

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How do you convince skeptics to virtualize data?

More and more, data managers and information architects are realizing the powerful benefits and value that result from data virtualization. However, some people may still not be convinced. For example, data source owners.

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When to Apply Data Virtualization?

People often ask me, “When is it appropriate to use data virtualization versus a more traditional form of data integration (e.g., consolidation using ETL)?”

My answer often surprises them because this is not an either-or situation: data virtualization should be a ubiquitous layer in your infrastructure that all data consumers use to access enterprise data.

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Data Virtualization Market – Evolution, Revolution and a 360º View

The data virtualization market is ever evolving, often at breakneck pace.

A key part of my job as Executive Vice President of Marketing at Composite Software is to understand this dynamic data virtualization market and then use this understanding to help Composite, our customers, and our partners find mutual success in it.

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