Get Certified On Data Virtualization, Virtually!

A First in Data Virtualization

Last week we announced the industries’ first Data Virtualization certification program, the Composite Information Server Specialist Certification.

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Solving the Analyst’s Data Problem

Recently I have been talking to a number of data scientists and business analysts about what they actually do when performing a new analysis of some nature. Their processes were quite surprising because they were far more data intensive and far less modeling / analysis intensive than I had thought.

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Analytics the Driver for Latest Data Virtualization Platform Release

This week Composite Software introduced the version 6.2 of the Composite Data Virtualization Platform.

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Announcing Composite 6.1

With greater demand and market acceptance for data virtualization resulting in more high performance use cases and the pressing need to ‘skill up’ more developers., today we announced version 6.1 of our Composite Data Virtualization Platform™ ; extending our performance leadership position and significantly enhancing our data services development environment.

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Composite + RainStor = Big Data Management Flexibility

Last week Composite and RainStor announced that Composite has added access to RainStor’s Big Data management database to our long list of popular enterprise applications we support including Oracle, SAP, and as well as relational and multi-dimensional data sources from IBM, IBM Netezza, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP BW, SAP Sybase and Teradata.

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Why Discovery is Important

They say the ability to see patterns is a sign of intelligence.  We assume BI and other information visualization solutions provide some level of intelligence or insight.  But should we expect these applications to figure out the patterns within their myriad of data sources on their own? 

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Kudos for Composite 6

On June 6, 2011 we launched Composite 6, advancing the Composite Data Virtualization Platform with new, state-of-the-art capabilities designed to meet today’s extreme information management requirements.

Feedback from customers, partners, analysts, and media has been uniformly positive.

I included several of these in my blog, Data Virtualization Innovation and Performance Leadership – Composite 6 last week.  But with more kudos rolling in, it seems useful to communicate these as well.

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How Composite 6 Accelerates Performance

Based on over 300 man years of query optimization R&D, the Composite Data Virtualization Platform already offers the highest performance in the data virtualization market.

With Composite 6, we pushed the state-of-the-art in query optimization algorithms and techniques even further.

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Announcing Composite 6 – The Data Virtualization Gold Standard Adds Luster

Today, Composite Software launched Composite 6, the latest release of the Composite Data Virtualization Platform, the most advanced product in its class.

Backed by nearly a decade of pioneering R&D and proven through the largest number of enterprise-scale deployments in the industry, the Composite Data Virtualization Platform solves the toughest data virtualization problems for the world’s leading global organizations.

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Making Data Virtualization Products and Solutions Relevant


I lead Product Marketing for Composite Software.  At Composite, Product Marketing is responsible for bridging the communications gap between what our customers want and what our data virtualization offerings provide. 

So how can I make the Product and Solutions track within the Data Virtualization Leadership Blog relevant to you?

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