Forrester Information Fabric 3.0 – A Fresh Take on Data Virtualization

On the Data Virtualization Vanguard

Forrester’s Mike Gilpin and Noel Yuhanna have been on the vanguard of data virtualization since their January 9, 2006 report trends report, “Information Fabric: Enterprise Data Virtualization.”

Their new report, “Forrester Information Fabric 3.0, Forrester’s Reference Architecture For Enterprise Data Virtualization” was published on August 8, 2013.

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The Future of Data Virtualization

Rick van der Lans is the most prolific analyst covering the data virtualization scene these days.

Rick’s recent BeyeNetwork article, Data Virtualization: Where Do We Stand Today?  provides an excellent overview of Rick’s latest data virtualization thinking. I found his thoughts on the future of data virtualization products to be prescient.

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Bringing Data Intelligence to the Network

Networks have always been a key element in data virtualization’s optimization calculus across memory, storage and networks.

The June 20 announcement of Cisco’s intent to acquire data virtualization market leader Composite Software may change this calculus by leveraging the network intelligence in new and unprecedented ways.

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Cisco Enters the Data Virtualization Market

The purpose of the Data Virtualization Leadership Blog is to provide data virtualization adopters with high quality insights informed by the most relevant data management trends, most innovative data virtualization use cases and the latest data virtualization solution offerings.

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Data Virtualization Returns to the BBBT

Since 2010, Composite Software has kicked off the Boulder BI Brain Trust’s new year. In 2013 we continue this tradition on Friday January 4.

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The Greatest Data Virtualization Day Ever!

Each year, I am responsible for leading the premier event in data virtualization, Data Virtualization Day.  It’s a huge responsibility and even bigger endeavor.  But the rewards are amazing, especially when the event is as successful as Data Virtualization Day 2012.

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Data Virtualization’s Logical Role in the Logical Data Warehouse

I have been closely following Gartner’s Logical Data Warehouse (LDW) strategy for the past year and a half.

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Two Data Virtualization Companies Named “Vendors to Watch” by Information Management Magazine

If you are a frequent reader of the Data Virtualization Leadership Blog, you already understand how data virtualization can simplify information access and improve business agility.

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Analytics and Data Virtualization on My Mind

I have been thinking a lot about analytics lately.

It is not just because I have been working on my presentation for our upcoming webinar, A Novel Approach to the Analytic Sandbox Challenge on September 11, 2012.

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Accenture Technology Vision and the Role of Data Virtualization

Every year, Accenture creates and distributes a new technology vision.  As a former employee of Accenture’s Technology Labs, I like to stay current with how they are viewing the world, and the vision document provides a great snapshot of their best thinking across an array of technology topics.

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